Tuff Frame

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our ‘Tuff Frame’ © system is an optional upgrade Closed Wall panel system.
External wall make up for Tuff Frame is same as above, but with studs at 600mm centres.
This system takes a lot of the project management hassle out of the project for the self builder.

Contact John on 086 1700361 or our office on 01 2548244 for a quote.

Tuff Frame - Closed Wall Panel Spec
Tuff Frame – Closed Wall Panel Spec

We co-ordinate trades and services in our quality controlled factory environment, to achieve
a ‘closed wall panel’ timber frame wall system, for speed of construction on site.

Insulation and Air tight membranes and internal skin service cavities are provided
for follow on trades to continue. This MMC system allows the project to get an
advanced head start over standard timber frame open panel system builds on site.

We fabricate the wall panels in the factory as per specification below, then we supply
and fit :
125mm PIR Insulation between studs, air tight membrane factory fitted with laps allowing
site lapping for thouroughness, site sealed with Siga tapes © or similar approved
vapour control later for permenante airtight building shell. Roof, walls and external
penetrations shall be attended to, with air tight membrane details.
40mm PIR Insulation internally is supplied for fitting inside the external wall panels.

Service batten: A 50x35mm softwood batten shall be fitted vertically inside the membrane,
on the internal skin of the external timber frame wall panel allowing for services to be
fitted on site without penetration of the air-tight membrane system,

Our providers for Air Tight systems are a local Irish company with many years of experience in supplying & supervision and installation of smart materials for building efficiency.

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